Best of Fringe

Best of Fringe

Award winnende voorstellingen van over de hele wereld Wie op zoek is naar garanties in de Fringe, is hier op de goede plek. Van over de hele wereld zijn prijswinnende voorstellingen van internationale Fringe Festivals naar Amsterdam gevlogen. Deze internationale parels zijn eenmalig te zien in Amsterdam & garanderen een avond cream of the crops...

Er zijn zo'n 150 Fringe Festivals te vinden verspreid over de aarde. Het Amsterdam Fringe Festival werkt samen met verschillende onafhankelijke Fringe festivals in de World Fringe Alliance om makers die zich hebben bewezen de kans te bieden hun talenten in het buitenland te tonen.
Guy Buttery & Nibs van der Spuy

Guy Buttery & Nibs van der Spuy - Best of Grahamstown Fringe 2012 (South Africa)

After over a decade of writing, recording and touring together, Nibs van der Spuy and Guy Buttery have finally released their first ever collaborative album In The Shade of the Wild Fig. These internationally renowned guitarists will be touring their brand new show across SA & Europe in 2012.
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Hol - Nicola Hanekom

Hol - Nicola Hanekom - Best of Grahamstown Fringe 2012 (South Africa)

Liesbet runs on an empty stomach on a treadmill, a hamster wheel of her thoughts. She struggles to maintain her balance, stumbling over her past.
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The Epicene Butcher and other stories for consenting adults - 'Daddy's Little Secret (Best of Grahamstown Fringe 2012, South Africa)

Through the Japanese medium of Kamishibai, artist and performer Jemma Kahn relates the tragedy of The Epicene Butcher, a man who died because he ate what he loved. Other stories include Japanese classics and unwholesome tales of immoderate desire. Expect beautiful pictures and horrible ideas.
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UBA BOUNCE - Eva Dean Dance (Best of New York Fringe)

UBA BOUNCE from FringeNYC! Eva Dean Dance’s “five brilliant dancers” [] move with circus globes and poi balls to create wondrous worlds. The performers’ “passion and art is infectious” []. Enjoy dance theater that has “mesmerizing choreography” [Wall Street Journal] and is “an unalloyed delight” [The New York Times].
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The Voice of Anne Frank - Spitfire Company

The Voice of Anne Frank - Spitfire Company (Best of Prague Fringe)

The award winning Spitfire Company, one of the Czech Republic's most progressive and esteemed ensembles returns to the Amsterdam Fringe with the title Best of Prague Fringe added to their long list of credentials.
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The woman who breathes too much!

The woman who breathes too much! - La Passionata Svironi - Best of Acco Festival (Israel)

All humans are seeking for a meaning to their lives. Some find it in religion, others in sex, drugs and... One woman found her solution in love, men and chocolate!!! A story about a hole with no bottom, a never satisfied woman and the destiny of the man who loves her.
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Poland 3  Iran 2

Poland 3 Iran 2 - Seyf And Dobrowolski - Best of Brighton Fringe 2011

At the 1976 Montreal Olympics the best-ever Polish football team played against the best-ever Iranian football team. This match featured the pivotal Polish players Tomaszewski, Lato and Deyna and for Iran the magnificent Ali Parvin, aka ‘The Sultan’. This clash of talent led to a memorable game with Poland clinching a 3-2 win and going on to win the Silver medal.
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Etudes: Amsterdam

Etudes: Amsterdam - John Moran - Best of Spoleto Fringe (Italy)

John Moran - creator of John Moran and neighbor, Saori - brings a new solo about a short stay in Amsterdam.
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Kelder | Bye bye world

Kelder | Bye bye world - Gehring & Ketelaars | Frijling - Best of Amsterdam Fringe 2011

Het is mogelijk. Je kunt de deur achter je dicht trekken en voor altijd verdwijnen.
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Back to Front - Dalia El Abd

Back to Front - Dalia El Abd (Best of Cairo Fringe)

Best of Fringe show from Cairo, Egypt.
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