The Seamstress - Eva Schippers a.k.a. She-Man

The Seamstress

An auditive installation performance by Eva Schippers a.k.a. She-Man

In a dark industrial factory a group of seamstresses are working, rapidly sewing red and white strips of fabric together. The small machine lamps only illuminate the sweaty faces and frantically moving hands of the women. Chakk-A-chikk-A-chackk-A-chikk-a-chak-a-chak-chak-a-chak-akk-chak, the sounds of the sewing machines create an intense atonal rhythm, a sensory experience of ambient noise in the dark. Every workstation and each tool is separately amplified: You hear the snip, snip of the scissors, abruptly cut off conversations, indistinct murmur from the radio in the background…

In her performances Eva Schippers uses symbols of emergency. These symbols are taken from daily life as well as the recognizable clear cut world of comics, heroes and villains: Green flashing light bulbs, red and white barrier tape, superhero accessories. In October 2010 the performative alter-ego She-Man was born. A super-heroin to literally give a body to her emergency as an artist. She-Man has been the starting point to investigate how 'The Emergency' can be made visible and audible in an art context. Is it possible to break through the art context; generally a save, contemplative situation where urgency subsides?
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Social ME(dia) is een interessante dansvoorstelling over de asociale kant van ons aller social media gebruik. Hoeveel contact hebben we eigenli
Notitie van 316414****** op 13 september 9:30
A funny and touching dance show which leaves you considering our connected world in a whole new light. Highly recommended.
Notitie van 316247****** op 12 september 21:46
+ leuk stuk over alle aspecten wat social media ons brengt. Van de vervelende selfies tot het 'gevangenschap' van onze mobiel en de beperkingen
Notitie van 316526****** op 12 september 16:26
Wervelende dans rondom het thema Sociale Media vormgegeven door 3 bevlogen dansers. Drievoudige combinatie van pakkende beelden, indringende mu
Notitie van 316295****** op 12 september 16:02
It was as well as humorous as serious. Very well succeeeded to tell something using dance. Great performance!!!
Notitie van 316242****** op 12 september 12:13
Cast & Credits Direction/ text/ concept/design/ technique: Eva Schippers a.k.a. She-Man. Play/ music: Anonymous group female performers. Support: Josine Sibum.

Duration performance: 25mins.
Pitch: The Netherlands
Genre Categories: Music (Theatre), Performance & Live art, Language No Problem


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